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Yes, it is Short Time, but we're digital natives with a pioneering approach to open-source development.

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Cloud Based Retails POS


Ultimate solution for any kind of : Pharmacy Medicine Store Departmental Store

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  1. Simplicity and Efficiency

    This is a business management application ready for use, which fits many industries.

    A responsive interface

    Complete POS is a responsive web interface.

    Speed and usability

    We offers simplified features and easy to use to increase productivity for your industry.

    A variety of accounting reports

    With the diversity of accounting reports, you will have a real influence on accounting of your shop.

    Ongoing Support

    Our team is committed to providing continued assistance before and during the use of this application.

Updates Are available

New Features are:

  1. Alert Stock Management
  2. Dynamic Language (Available in English, Spanish and French )
  3. Profit Calculation in Reporting
  4. Big data Handling by medicine list and sales list pagination
  5. Easy search by Name or Company
  6. Easy Invoice / sale search by Invoice Id
  7. Bug fixing in POS.

Do you need this software in your own Language ?

Please make a customization request 
We will deliver the software in your language within 24 Hours.


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